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22 January 2021
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The top 3 lessons I learnt from my role as a School Captain

Ashley Allport is an Administration Assistant at Compliance Council

In this article, Ashley talks about her role and experience as a School Captain and how it has benefited her professional and personal life.


What did you like the most about your role as a School Captain?

I believe in the quote by Cory Booker “Leadership is not a position or a title; it is action and example”.

School Captaincy allowed me to gain confidence in myself as well as the skills I learnt throughout school, I became close with a team of people. The thing I liked most about being School Captain was being able to learn new skills and gain experiences that have helped me with life ever since. Being School Captain gave me the opportunity to lead a small group of people in making decisions and sharing responsibilities within the school. Ultimately, from this experience, I gained a new perspective and a new set of skills that has helped me navigate life ever since.


When was the last you were in this role?

I was the School Captain from the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, but I have kept the skills and knowledge that I’ve learnt with me ever since and they will stay with me for the rest of my life.


3 things I have learnt from being School Captain that I now apply to both my personal life as well as the business.


1. Teamwork

The role of school captain was an experience that benefited me in various ways. I was school captain from the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, and within that year, I gained several essential skills and knowledge that I can now relate to my personal life and the business. Being a school leader forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. This was ultimately beneficial to me as it is something that has helped me ever since.


The primary skill I developed while being school captain was collaborating effectively with a team of people. Having the ability to work in a group is hugely beneficial, especially when it comes to business. You learn that your actions not only affect you but the people you work with as well. Communication between you and your team allows everything to run smoothly, and without it, the ability to work in a group may become difficult. This was a significant part of being school captain as not only did I need to be able to work with the leadership team, but I also had to be able to communicate effectively with the principal and necessary teachers. Strong communication and teamwork skills bring about a sense of unity among the team and allow for understanding. This, in turn, helps achieve the goals of the business. To build a strong foundation for a team, the ability to collaborate is essential.


2. Decision Making

Being a School Captain allowed me to explore different perspectives and opened my mind to how something as large as a school works. I gained insight into the processes and thoughts that go into making decisions within the school. Perspective is vital within a business as, without it, your choices may be clouded with just one view or opinion. Decision making based on one perspective doesn’t allow you to understand something to the extent you may need to make appropriate decisions. Within the school system, considering things from the viewpoint of teachers, students and the principal allowed all items to be looked at and for the best decisions to be made. Gaining various perspectives enables you to learn new things to apply to your personal life and business. Perspective also gives you the freedom to explore and discover new opportunities which may encourage growth that becomes beneficial.


3. Confidence

The last thing that I took away from being School Captain and now integrate into my everyday life is being confident in myself and actions. Being a school captain wasn’t something I ever pictured myself achieving for several reasons but allowing myself to experience something new increased my confidence significantly. Confidence is important in your personal life and business as it helps you overcome your fears and take that step further. Confidence links to communication as you gain the ability to convey things clearly and concisely.


Overall, being a school captain helped me gain three important skills that I now apply to my personal life and the business; teamwork, perspective and communication/confidence.



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