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01 October 2020
AEO Business Unit News

AEO Business Unit News, October 2020

Here is what is happening on our end!

The NSW Government is currently delivering the largest transport infrastructure program this nation has ever seen - $57.5 billion of investment over four years for game-changing projects like Sydney Metro, light rail, motorways and road upgrades that will shape NSW cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

Organisations can position themselves to take advantage of the growth in infrastructure works by achieving accreditation in their areas of expertise.

At Compliance Council, we follow a tried and tested methodology that allows organisations to achieve AEO requirements in a simplistic and methodical manner.

Over the years, we have assisted dozens organisations in varying ways to reach submission stage, and achievement of AEO status.

Some of those include: Rhomberg Rail Australia, Architectus, UGL, Seymour Whyte.


Start your journey now

The process for achieving AEO is onerous, the longer the organisations leave it for later, the longer they'll fall behind.

The current timeline to achieve AEO status is anywhere from 9 - 12 months, thus we recommend that our clients commence the required pre-work requirements such as:

- Completion of Engineering Services Matrix

- Completion of Self Assessment Checklists

- Completion of Scope Assessment Tools

Compliance Council have assisted dozens of organisation with the above activities over the past 5 years. 

Request an obligation free discussion today, we would love to assist you to be a part of this largest infrastructure program.


Concurrent Certification & Accreditation

Compliance Council has helped a number of clients achieve ISO 9001 certification and AEO accredited concurrently. One such of our current projects is assisting Integral Surveys in Newcastle. Be in the know of what happens behind the scenes in this certification + accreditation journey. 


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You don't have to be based in NSW to work for NSW Government

Many organisations who reside in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia are currently working through the AEO process. 

We are currently taking enquiries from Asia-Pacific and European multinational entities looking to achieve AEO accreditation to take advantage of the infrastructure investment in NSW.

Compliance Council are not exclusive to Sydney metro clients; we have a number of regional clients in Wollongong, Newcastle that we are currently assisting. You can be based regionally, and still work for the NSW Government.

Our team of consultants travel state wide to assist our clients with their AEO requirements. 

AEO accreditation now a pre-requisite

The authorities/ASA/TfNSW are pushing the requirements of AEO downstream to principal contractors and subcontractors. Where earlier the Construction orientated companies could just work under a T1 principal contractor with AEO accreditation, the requirement is now increasing in scope to include subcontractors and consultants involved in the design or design validation stage.

We are also seeing a number of surveying and design engineering companies wanting to become an AEO.

Due to our experience, we have the knowledge of what the specific TfNSW subject matter experts are looking for, this means that you won't be ever jeopardising your application by providing the wrong evidence and then being classified as “unconsciously incompetent”.

You can find existing AEO entities here and compare your market segment:


Start your journey now, request an obligation free consultation today