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    02 September 2020
    General Business, COVID-19, Company News

    Company News, September 2020

    Here is what is happening on our end!

    The last financial year was the largest in Compliance Council's 7 year history. We are on track for another record year with the uptake of ISO certification across the Australian market, as well as the continuing growth in Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) sector requirements in NSW. We have also seen a large growth in compliance to NIST framework, IRAP and GDPR requirements in the Information Security sector.

    Check in on your team on a daily basis and get creative

    Your team are the most important asset your organisation has, look after them! With more and more people working from home, organisations tend to lose a sense of inclusion and team with an absence of water cooler discussions. 

    Compliance Council have implemented 'The Morning Jump Start' from 8:45am - 8:55am every day.

    Our culture, mood and mindset has improved notably since the introduction of this meeting and is a great chance for everyone to say hello to each other, voice any queries or questions they may have, as well as a chance to realise that although we are at home - we are not alone.  

    To be creative, we created a rotating roster for each person to bring quote of the day, and the standout thus far is from our Principal Consultant for AEO & CoR, Phil O'Grady who delivered this gem (which is very relevant to our line of work):

    "What you cannot control - You cannot measure. What you cannot measure - You cannot improve."

    W. Edwards Demming.

    William Edwards Deming (1900-1993) was widely acknowledged as the leading management thinker in the field of quality. He was a statistician and business consultant whose methods helped hasten Japan’s recovery after the Second World War and beyond. He derived the first philosophy and method that allowed individuals and organisations to plan and continually improve themselves, their relationships, processes, products and services. His philosophy is one of cooperation and continual improvement; it avoids blame and redefines mistakes as opportunities for improvement.


    British Library, Management Thinkers, W Edwards Deming


    Compliance Council are offering a new service!

    We have expanded our scope of services to our Construction, HSEQ and InfoSec markets with the launch of our Systems Coordinator service. Our Systems Coordinators are employed exclusively by Compliance Council, and are contracted to our clients on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to assist our clients manage their Management System requirements including inspections, site audits, internal audits, conducting management review meetings, and most importantly continually improving our client's management systems. As the organisation evolves, so should the management system! Our expert Systems Coordinators will ensure your management system policies and procedures remain relevant to the organisation and the management system is embedded to the organisation.

    Enquire about our Systems Coordinators' Services



    We are looking for people to join our team!

    As we continue to grow, our need for competent, like minded individuals to join our organisation improves every day. 

    We currently have 3 positions to fill in Compliance Council. 

    1 x Principal Consultant - Information Security

    2 x Senior Consultants - HSEQ 

    If you would like to join our team, please apply via Seek using the links above. 


    Need help managing your workforce through COVID19? 

    COVID-19 has obviously posed many challenges to the Australian market, and our workforce. The risks associated with COVID-19 are far and wide. The health and wellbeing for workers and other interested parties should be the highest priority. This has forced businesses to become much more agile and nimble in its delivery of product or service.
    Compliance Council has developed a free Pandemic Response Kit that is available on our website which includes:
    - Pandemic Response Plan
    - Employee Suspected of COVID-19 Procedure
    - Working from Home Policy
    - Working from Home Checklist

    We have received overwhelming feedback from this, particularly with the mobilisation of a remote work force and many (if not all) employees having to work from home.

    Working from home or remotely poses many challenges, but with the use of tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Hangout etc. our clients have adapted quite well.

    We also encourage our clients - particularly the leadership team - to check in on their remote working employees on a continuing basis. This can include a morning huddle online prior to the work day starting, lunch room meetings as a team and so on. The organisations who have implemented these types of daily check ins have identified that their culture within the workforce has been incredibly strong and motivating - considering the worldwide crisis we are currently experiencing.


    Get your FREE Pandemic Response Kit




    Compliance Council are here to support you and your organisation, now more than ever.

    Please get in touch if we could be of assistance.



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