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    15 September 2020
    COVID-19, Online Management System, Construction Business Unit News

    Construction Business Unit News, September 2020

    Here is what is happening on our end!

    Compliance Council are offering a new service!

    To help you with Construction Compliance requirements, we have expanded our scope of services to Construction and HSEQ markets with the launch of our Systems Coordinator service. Our Systems Coordinators are employed exclusively by Compliance Council, and are contracted to our clients on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to assist our clients manage their Management System requirements including inspections, site audits, internal audits, conducting management review meetings, and most importantly continually improving our client's management systems. As the organisation evolves, so should the management system! Our expert Systems Coordinators will ensure your management system policies and procedures remain relevant to the organisation and the management system is embedded to the organisation.


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    Learnings in the past month

    Our clients have had to adapt to a new work environment in an incredibly fast manner. The current COVID19 environment has highlighted the requirement for every business to have at least some digital capability. Many staff are working from home, thus organisations have had to adapt to use Zoom, Microsoft teams and the likes.

    The use of paper presents multiple challenges including data being manually transmitted to spread sheets, paper records going missing, as well as the handling of paper and other goods from person to person leading to the potential spread of contaminate. The requirement for an online management system to manage the organisation's programming, workforce, asset management etc. is now experienced more than ever. 

    We are advising our clients to use online management systems to manage their site requirements digitally (such as forms, checklists, management plans etc) whilst giving the organisation visibility on their organisation. 

    Our friends at Assignar can help you with digital management of systems. Speak to their friendly representative on how they can assist you!


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