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08 December 2017
Quality Management

How Construction Operations Management Software Can Help Contractors

Most construction contractors recognize the benefits of doing business with government related agencies. Yet many contractors continue to miss favorable project opportunities. Some such misses are due to inadequacy for the job. Over pricing also presents a major obstacle. However, one easily correctable primary cause for failed government-related contract bids directly links to ignoring the importance of an adequate compliance framework.

Essence of Contractor Compliance

Although government contract accounting still revolves around Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the emphasis also now centers on safety-oriented compliances. It’s a process wherein the contractor’s systems and the contractor’s associated internal safety and quality control methods merge into a co-jointed real-time, traceable and reliable labor, asset and material compliance program.

To prove successful compliance performance and reap success in government-related contract bidding, contractors must have a reliable means for:

  • The development and implementation of a labor recording system applicable to all employees
  • A defined method for confirmed documentation of daily jobsite activity, compliance conformance and correctional-response as necessary
  • The means to establish and ensure compliance to a declared ISO auditing system
  • The application and monitoring of a construction operations management system that ensures a framework of management resources suitable to all regulations, standards and codes of practice defined as applicable for the associated government-related contractor services
  • AND a means for satisfying a host of more defined project-specific compliance requirements.

Benefits of Using The Right Construction Operations Management Software Can Help Contractors With Compliances

Compliance with government-related accounting, safety and labor management requirements is not an impossible undertaking. Neither is it a simple task. Contractors that seek to mix commercial work with government-related contracts should expect a greater measure of associated complexities.

Even when contractor compliance successfully satisfies all necessary safety, QC and accounting processes, compliance yet remains incomplete. To evaluate contractor compliance performance, auditors must also have access to a reliable documentation system of established compliance policies, practices and responsibilities.

Successful compliance can be a difficult process. Here are just a few ways that the right construction operations management software can help contractors with compliances:

  • Assured commitment that enables managed workflows to standardize policies
  • Simplified digital processes enable easier enforcement and helps eliminate human error
  • Quicker implementation via a process that makes it easier for workers to participate in compliance
  • Automated collection via mobile applications promote greater data accuracy and simplified data monitoring
  • AND Promotes quicker improvement via the greater adaptability of digital management tools verses paper-based management tools.

Assignar Contractor Compliance Resources

Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning software helps contractors with compliance and more. The primary Assignar toolkit includes resources for:

  • Tracking and reporting safety incidents

    Alerting workers on safety procedures
  • Easy exportable competency matrix
  • Automated accounting feedback
  • Providing real-time task and site safety updates
  • Standardising processes that make passing ISO audits a formality rather than a hassle
  • Elimination of the “last minute stress” syndrome before compliance audits
  • Year round compliance
  • AND Automated Document tracking with version control.

Learn more about Assignar Compliance Management here.