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05 November 2016
Quality Management

Inspire Client Confidence with ISO 9001

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Do your clients take a gamble when they hire your services?

Chances are you produce quality work, yet communicating that fact to potential clients can’t always be achieved through testimonials and case studies.

Below we outline how making your quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 will inspire client confidence when it matters most, and give you an edge over competitors.


What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. Set by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and updated in 2015, the ISO 9001 standard is a collection of policies, processes and records which ensure products and services meet a certain level of quality. And this standard is relevant to many industries, like construction, manufacturing, aviation, professional services and transport.


How Does it Inspire Client Confidence?

Your business operates in a competitive market. And that market is truly global, making it even more competitive.

Consider a high-value tender for a construction project. Previously, there would be a limited number of possible companies that could do the job, based on location. However, these days, numerous companies, based here and overseas, are putting their hats in the ring. With such stiff competition, winning tenders has become more difficult.

Reaching compliance sets your business apart from competitors.

The person in charge of assessing tenders wants to be sure that the job is done to the highest standard for the best price. And they want to know this before the job is started.

If your business can boast a quality management system that is compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 9001, you’re at a major advantage.


What are the Other Benefits of ISO 9001?

In addition to demonstrating that your work is of a higher quality than your competitors, there are four other important benefits of becoming certified under ISO 9001. They are outlined below.

  1. Efficiency is improved and costs are reduced – The ISO 9001 ensures your business is operating in line with the best practices in its industry. Compliant businesses use the latest technologies and processes. This means your work is more productive and efficient, ensuring your business is always staying ahead of the competition.
  1. It provides you with independent, external feedback on your system implementation – Attaining certification is a rewarding process for many reasons, especially because it allows you to assess how your current systems are running and whether they can be improved. However, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is just what you need. Contact an expert on quality management if you’d like further advice in this area.
  1. Improved relationship with external stakeholders – The formal recognition of your quality management processes will also improve the relationship with your external stakeholders. Furthermore, it increases the chance of creating profitable international partnerships.
  1. Creates a marketing opportunity – Potential clients have confidence in businesses that have attained compliance certification. Furthermore, as more and more Australian construction businesses are becoming compliant with ISO 9001, potential clients aren’t settling for less.

Potential clients want confidence in the business that carries out work for them. They need to know the work will be done to an excellent quality in adherence with all relevant regulations.


For more information on how certification to ISO 9001 can help grow your business, download the free information pack below:

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