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    27 October 2020
    Health and Safety, Risk Management

    Risk Management


    What is a Hazard? - It is a source or situation with a potential for harm.
    Example: Circling sharks are a Hazard, but what is the risk of injury?
    What is Risk? - The probability of an event occurring and the consequences if it does occur.
    A construction risk can be defined as any exposure to possible loss.
    How do you manage Risks?
    Risk Management Cycle 

    Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.56.04 PM


    Step 1: Hazard Identification:
    When must you identify hazards?
    • Before setting up and using a workplace
    • When planning work processes
    • Before installing, commissioning or erecting plant
    • Whenever changes are made to the:
      • Workplace
      • System or method of work
      • Plant used
      • Chemicals used
    • Whenever new information regarding work processes becomes available


    Step 2: Risk Assessment
    This is a 2 step process, involving:
    • Inherent Risk the level of risk that exists WITHOUT controls in place
    • Residual Risk looks at the quality of the controls in place and calculates the risk employees are actually exposed to

    We usually assess:

    • Likelihood
    • Consequence


    Risk Matrix



    Step 3: Risk Control
    Hierarchy Application:

    Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 3.19.30 PM


    Bow Tie Theory:

    Bow Tie Theory



    How to Develop a Risk Action Plan:
    1. Proposed Actions
    Based on risk assessments and risk treatment schedule
    2. Resource Requirements
    What is needed to treat the risk
    3. Responsibilities
    Who will do what
    4. Reporting and Monitoring required
    Person responsible for checking and documenting process




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