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Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd is an Australian bus and coach operator in the northern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. Originally founded in 1930 as Royle Brothers, Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd has serviced the northern suburbs community for over 85 years, making it one of Australia’s longest running transport companies.

Boasting a fleet of 101 buses and coaches, this family owned business has developed one of Australia’s most innovative and presentable fleets; and with the development of the new Northern Beaches Hospital, the growth potential of Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd is staggering with plans to boost its fleet by thirty per cent to cope with the greater demand for buses in the region.

Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd

The Challenge

Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd sought to develop and implement an Integrated Management System that complied with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and AS/NZS 4801:2001 in preparation for a certification audit.

A key challenge facing Forest Coaches was contemplating how to actually implement the Management System as extensive training and education was required across all employees with a roster that varied in nature, especially with continually changing hours and shift starts.

After filtering through a number of adjacent companies, Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd was satisfied with settling with Compliance Council’s services as our templates, structure and activities eased the difficulty that would have been faced upon getting all members on board.


Our Solution

Compliance Council recommended our trademark eight-week process. As part of the process, Compliance Council conducted implementation activities to increase the awareness of Management Systems and their processes to key stakeholders which included Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd’s managers, supervisors, and employees. Though there were drafted WHS procedures previous to Compliance Council’s engagement with the Forest Coaches team, none of these procedures were actively applied throughout the company. Compliance Council handled this situation as if the client did not have anything at all.


The Outcome

Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd commenced the project in late April, 2016. The development and implementation of an Integrated Management System took no longer than two months, with certification at the end of June, 2016.

The WHS and Environmental Risk Register allowed them to identify safety hazards and environmental aspects associated with Forest operations. Subsequently, this allows them to continuously evaluate their tasks and implement controls to minimise these risks.


Overall Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd were extremely satisfied with the agile implementation process and are now a retainer client with us. Compliance Council and Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd collaborated to devise the best solutions for the company, and as a result successfully streamlined internal processes via the system documents Compliance Council provided. The set structure will also synergise the company’s operations including the tracking operational errors and accountable actions.